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Will digital transition remove the need for traditional media?

Nowadays, the Internet represents a big part of our lives. In the past decades, digital transformation and adoption have been at the forefront of every sector and industry. Indeed, new technologies have made digitalisation indispensable in order to sustain their business models and prosper.

However, traditional media continues to stay very popular and important in the daily lives of citizens. Many individuals still listen to the radio while driving to work, read the newspapers on their commute and of course, watch TV while cooking or during dinner with their family. But, over the last 20 years, the Internet and its ecosystem have taken up an important part within our society. This is particularly prominent amongst the Generation Y consumers. These individuals do not know the world without the Internet…

This transition to digital has a huge impact on traditional media. Traditional publishers, therefore, need to find new solutions to remain competitive. So, how is the traditional media industry responding to this digital transformation and evolution?


artificial intelligence in marketing

The future of Marketing is Human or Artificial?

artificial intelligence in marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence? How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable marketing techniques to become more precise and personalised? This technological development mixed with the improvements done in neurosciences allows marketers to be closer to their audiences by understanding them better and better serving their needs. However, current marketing activities are dominated by humans.

This begs the question – will the future of Marketing be dominated by Humans of Artificial Intelligence?

Increasingly, we have to combine the human approaches of market segmentation with Artificial Intelligence which is based on machine learning technology:

“Thanks to artificial intelligence, every user reaction can be converted in real time to the next best action”

Richard Bordenave.


Programmatic media buying

Despite the decrease of the media buying budgets from the giant advertisers, the part of the digital communication budget is still increasing. This information demonstrates that the conventional media channels such as television, radio, cinema and outdoor are kept going down while the budget allocated to the digital media keeps skyrocketing. The most important and[…]

Augmented reality

The democratisation of augmented reality in the cosmetics sector

The first social network to have democratised augmented reality is Snapchat in 2015. Since then, many brands are using this strategy. In particular cosmetics companies have seen a big potential for them to improve their customer experience. They use more and more screens in physical shops in order to allow consumers to virtually try cosmetic products.


Why will email still be profitable in 2022?

Email is a profitable channel! Yes, but only if certain rules are followed to achieve this profitability.

email campaign

The presence of companies on the Internet has become essential. France alone had more than 36 million online buyers at the end of 2015. Email makes it possible to reach these millions of buyers at a low cost and helps to maximise the benefits of online presence for organisations.

One of the advantages of e-marketing is that it has no borders and that in a few clicks these few million prospective consumers can be engaged with. By creating a good visibility on the Internet via e-mail you can relay your digital communication campaigns at a lower cost while developing the growth of your company.