How An African Gained World Class Education in Social Media & Digital Marketing for €0!

Toka This is Toka’s Story of how his #passion4digital led by Social Media & Digital Marketing MOOC delivered by  the Salford Business School and how it has transformed his dreams of making a living online into reality. 

Hi! I’m Toka (meaning: high quality/standard) and my quest to work in digital began when I was 15. Being African and given the prevailing circumstances you already know too well, my dream seemed liked a fantasy that would never be fulfilled. Fast forward to right now, I can say I’m not only satisfied because of my fast developing abilities, but that I’ve grown to become highly skilled in social media & digital marketing by implementing a simple strategy you’ll soon discover.

Why I Gained an Interest in the IoT

If you’re reading this and you’re from the “developed world”, then I won’t be wrong to predict that you probably think Africa is a thick forest with many remote villages and of course, no access to the internet. Think you’re right? Then you probably won’t have seen my story in the first place!

I’m 23 as I write and I first accessed a desktop computer at 12 (my awesome parents made sure to send me to one of Nigeria’s leading schools!) and first used the internet at 15. Mind you, this was considered an early age for an African at that time. I was fascinated by the ability to communicate in real time with people from anywhere in the world, but much more fascinated to know I could actually work online and earn a living.

My 5 Year Search

For 5 years I searched the internet to find answers to my most pressing question “how can I make a living online?” and as you would expect, I encountered the good, the bad and the ugly.

Looking back, I’m amazed at how I stayed optimistic and found the answer I sought tirelessly after.

I had recently made my first $100 online by promoting a product through Facebook groups (affiliate marketing) but I knew this wasn’t it. I noticed that there was a peculiar way to go about selling online & BOOM! I realized my potential to become a Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert.

My #passion4digital takes Wings!

Was realizing my potential enough? NO! I had the answer to my question but I was faced with a new challenge – how to get trained in social media & digital marketing.

I searched for help but found none that comes for free. I didn’t give up and on a great day, I discovered the free #passion4digital Social Media & Digital Marketing MOOC delivered by an amazing team of professionals led by Dr. Aleksej Heinze of the Salford Business School, UK. I learnt about the course on, one of the world’s largest community of online learners.

The #passion4digital Effect

During the course I got first-hand information from industry veterans about the workings of social & digital marketing. I also learnt about marketing communications, buyer personas & marketing strategy, to mention a few. I always looked forward to the case study sessions where business leaders shed light on the impact of social media & digital marketing on the growth of their companies and I thought to myself “soon I too would be achieving great results for world class organizations like theirs”.

#passion4digital Powers My Work & Entrepreneurship Journey

Today, I work as a Digital Marketing Executive at one of UK’s leading agencies & I’m on a trail blazing entrepreneurship journey you’ll hear about when we meet again.

One of my clients had this to say about me:

“Toka did an excellent job. He knew exactly what I was looking for, and was able to take control and quickly show me he is an expert. He is a true and consummate professional.”

I have used the skills I learnt to build my personal brand as well as help a number of brands boost their engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube, etc. I gained a good understanding of the buyer persona and how not to just create content, but create relevant content which is one of the most important tactic for increasing customer engagement as well as winning & retaining current ones through a brand’s digital channel.

My #passion4digital was birthed many years ago but the free Social Media & Digital Marketing MOOC by Salford Business School gave me the launch pad to turn my dreams into reality.

Thank you Dr. Aleksej Heinze and everyone who works tirelessly to make this course impact people like me.

My passion is no longer a fantasy and now, I know too well that my African environment cannot quench my global dreams. Thanks to initiatives like this, I can boldly say I’m one of the millennials redefining how people live in the digital age.

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