Algorithm for a Digital Marketing Career

So, you want a career in digital marketing? We’re aware of how confusing it can be, which is why we’ve decided to make it easy by providing a solution – the algorithm for a digital marketing career if you will.

I’m sure you’ve thought a lot about what you want to do in the future, everyone has right?

When you want to work in the digital field, it can be especially difficult to pinpoint the skills you need because the market is always changing. Then there’s the buzzwords… Google are talking about Penguins, Pandas and now Pigeons, content was king then user experience championed. Mobile’s the most popular way to access the web but wearable tech is taking off, SEO is way to drive traffic then there’s a shift and PPC is…

1. Adaptability

As I was saying before, the market is always changing, so adaptability will always be important. Whether you’ll have to be adapting to different clients, new channels or individuals – there will always be something which is introduced which is fresh and exciting. The best advice anyone could give to someone looking to enter a career in digital marketing would be, embrace everything which comes your way!

2. Social Media Skills

When we say social media skills, we’re not on about talking to your mates on Twitter. It’s important you learn the correct channels to communicate with particular target groups, the tone of voice to use and ideas for engaging content. Social media is a great way to effectively market on a low budget if you’re an expert!

3. Communications Skills

Communication is key. You’ll have to communicate with clients, your peers and the audience of your campaigns, so get social!

4. Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are fundamental when working for an organization as the client or your boss, will always want to know their return on investment (ROI). In digital marketing these results are often scattered about all over the web, therefore it is important you know; what you are looking for, where to find it and how to present these figures in an engaging way which people find easy to interpret.

5. Creativity

Marketers are generally always creative people. In the digital marketing industry you are constantly being kept on your toes, looking for the next big thing. Being a creative thinker should be at the heart of your personal strategy. Remember the next thing you think of has the potential to go viral!

6. Cultural Awareness

To communicate with a variation of audiences, you will have to have cultural awareness. Some cross cultural marketers have got in serious trouble for not adapting their campaigns to different cultures, don’t let that be you.

7. Appropriate Qualifications

So, I bet you’re wondering where you can learn all these integral practices? We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but we know just the place… JEMSS project. The Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative digital marketing academia. With 5 partners across the EU you will also get the chance to study abroad for a semester, enabling you to travel and study at the same time. What are you waiting for?

algorithm for a digital job

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