An exciting, dynamic and flexible learning experience

Developed in collaboration with leading European Universities and industry, JEMSS will offer a truly international and European Social Media Masters. Balancing both the latest research in Social Media Marketing and the latest best practice from industry; the masters will offer candidates with advanced social media training in a unique learning environment.

Cutting edge learning material

The industry insight and the latest in social media marketing research will be captured in case studies, real life projects, internships, a cutting edge core textbook and a wide variety of learning materials available in a MOOC. This will provide students with advanced social media training and strategic insight. The core textbook and the pilot online learning material available in a MOOC will provide students and universities with the latest thinking and practice in the use of social media in a wide variety of contexts including the use social media for business and social media for education.

The core textbook and the MOOC (for students)

A dynamic, cutting edge and interactive core textbook and other learning materials available in a MOOC will further support the students learning. In an ever changing industry the core textbook and learning materials will be constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and best practice in the field.

The core textbook and the MOOC (for educators)

Both the core textbook and the MOOC are available to be used by other universities across Europe to support and complement their existing programmes. The learning materials will help the academic community and future researchers to identify the problems and challenges that require further scientific inquiry. The core textbook, in particular, will assist anyone teaching any aspect of social media marketing addressed by the JEMMS project.

Creating a unique and exciting social media community

The creative, cutting edge and flexible training material will be an innovative resource for educators around the world looking for up-to-date resources and seeking to enrich and customise the JEMSS teaching material.

Co creating the future of Social Media Marketing

We anticipate that by offering free resources this project will start a community in Europe and beyond including participants who would be happy to exchange knowledge on teaching, learning and the latest in best practice in the constantly evolving field of Social Media Marketing.

Join our community and be part of the future of Social media marketing.

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