International students: what’s it like studying in the UK?

This blog is written by Lavinia, a BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology undergraduate from Romania who is studying in the UK at Salford University. Lavinia shares her experiences on choosing a University, studying abroad, differences in culture and more…  Studying in the UK for international students As a second year student at Salford Business School,[…]

Students in Class

Top 10 tips to improve your website and digital identity #Passion4Digital

Here at Salford Business School, our MSc Digital Marketing and Business IT students are often building their own websites and connecting their professional social media networks to create a professional digital identity online. For many careers in IT and business, this digital identity can be a really important and powerful tool. It enables you to engage with a much wider audience[…]

Mobilegeddon algorithm asks: is your website a mobile “friend” or a “foe”?

The 21st April 2015 is the day when Google is anticipated to roll out its latest mobile search page results ranking algorithm – mobilegeddon. In short – if your website is not mobile devices friendly it is unlikely to be shown in Google’s mobile users search results. The commercially sensitive secret formula that is used[…]

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How to run an election campaign on Facebook?

News that the UK’s Conservative Party has been spending more than £100,000 a month on Facebook advertising has its supporters and rivals all wondering if this is money well spent. It seems like a lot of money and indeed, it represents a significantly bigger investment than any of the other main political parties, but then[…]

SME Employability

So, students want the best digital marketing jobs and SMEs want the best digital marketing candidates. How exactly do we go about ensuring that these two elements come together? In an era when SEO and social media in businesses is becoming the back bone to any digital strategy, having completed a SEO course is essential[…]

An exciting, dynamic and flexible learning experience

Developed in collaboration with leading European Universities and industry, JEMSS will offer a truly international and European Social Media Masters. Balancing both the latest research in Social Media Marketing and the latest best practice from industry; the masters will offer candidates with advanced social media training in a unique learning environment. Cutting edge learning material[…]

Delivery Stage

After the development and testing stages, Joint European Masters programme in Search and Social Media Marketing is going to be introduced on national educational markets of partnering universities. The programme will be delivered in English. Strong international element will be a crucial part of the course. We are going to recruit students that seek the[…]