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Hands on experience in digital marketing is important, theoretical knowledge is crucial

This blog is written by Rimantas Gatautis and Elena Vitkauskaitė, two of the Joint Masters in Digital Marketing tutors from Lithuania. It details their student’s success in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, an international marketing competition! While teaching digital marketing at the Kaunas University of Technology, we have supervised 35 teams of students who took[…]

Marta masters in digital marketing

Another day developing the Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing!

The development of the JEMSS project, which will ultimately produce a market leading Joint European Masters In Digital and Social Media Marketing, is well under way and in fact has now passed the half way stage. What began as an idea from deep within the academic think tanks of European Universities, is now blossoming into[…]

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Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC – Advance to the next level

  There is no doubt that the digital marketing is constantly growing, evolving and changing at a level beyond our control. Therefore we have to continuously stay up to date with the latest from the digital and technological world. Today’s economies are progressively commanded by a quickening rate of innovative change. Organisations have digitized their[…]