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Will digital transition remove the need for traditional media?

Nowadays, the Internet represents a big part of our lives. In the past decades, digital transformation and adoption have been at the forefront of every sector and industry. Indeed, new technologies have made digitalisation indispensable in order to sustain their business models and prosper.

However, traditional media continues to stay very popular and important in the daily lives of citizens. Many individuals still listen to the radio while driving to work, read the newspapers on their commute and of course, watch TV while cooking or during dinner with their family. But, over the last 20 years, the Internet and its ecosystem have taken up an important part within our society. This is particularly prominent amongst the Generation Y consumers. These individuals do not know the world without the Internet…

This transition to digital has a huge impact on traditional media. Traditional publishers, therefore, need to find new solutions to remain competitive. So, how is the traditional media industry responding to this digital transformation and evolution?