The benefits of an internship – Eglė Žalnerauskaitė at Cocos

Eglė Žalnerauskaitė was a Marketing BSc student at Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. She wanted to build and strengthen her social media skills and therefore did a 10-week internship with an agency named COCOs. Read all about the benefits of her internship here!

Cocos is a digital marketing agency located in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company is specialising in Facebook marketing and offers a full range of services from paid advertising to managing brand pages on Facebook.


Eglė Žalnerauskaitė,
Marketing BSc student, Kaunas University of Technology

Social Media Marketing internship experience

Eglė Žalnerauskaitė studied Marketing in an undergraduate study programme and wished to pursue her career in Digital Marketing. Social Media marketing was her biggest interest, therefore she sought out for a placement where she could gain experience with paid ads on Facebook, how they work, but also how it is to work in an agency. She was accepted at Coco’s agency for unpaid 10 weeks long internship on 30 working hours per week.


Possibility to practice leads to deeper knowledge

Eglė’s tasks during her internship, covered client management, initiating improvements for an increase of effectiveness of the said advertising and distribution of the advertising budget. She worked closely with the project manager and designers to carry out those tasks. Such high involvement in the provision of core services of the company helped her to gain a deep understanding of how Facebook advertising works.

Internship – a step for future career

Eglė wrote her final thesis on Social Media Marketing, where the internship has been valuable for developing her topic and doing the research of her thesis.

Eglė is also looking for a career in Social Media Marketing, either as an employee at Cocos or in another agency providing Social Media Marketing services. The experience she gained has been essential for her career development and choice of future job.

I know that the knowledge I acquired will be valuable for me in future, which is why it gives me confidence in myself

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