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JEMSS Conference: Bringing Digital Marketing experts closer to you

It is a few days to the first ever Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing (JEMSS) conference and the excitement is palpable! It can be likened to that which is felt when a child is born!

On September 14, 2016, a diverse group of people from within and outside Bulgaria will converge on the Grand Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria, to discuss Digital and Social Media Marketing. Their #passion4digital will shine through, and light up the streets of Sofia!


Fresh views from Student Interns: Testimonial from a JEMSS Intern

Digital social media marketing is not just the new trend from the marketing field that shifted the way businesses think – but also a great opportunity for the young generation to share their thoughts so that the leaders in this field learn from their fresh views! In this context, we would like to share with[…]

International students: what’s it like studying in the UK?

This blog is written by Lavinia, a BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology undergraduate from Romania who is studying in the UK at Salford University. Lavinia shares her experiences on choosing a University, studying abroad, differences in culture and more…  Studying in the UK for international students As a second year student at Salford Business School,[…]

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Latest on the masters in digital marketing course

It’s 28’c outside in Central Thessaloniki but it’s the social media and digital marketing hot topics that are demanding the use of the air con system at City College in Greece! It’s the 3rd leg of the JEMSS partner meetings, a project funded by the European Commission aimed at developing a leading Masters course in Digital Marketing. Representatives from leading universities across Europe bring insights into their respective local markets and sectors, delivering how they interact with Europe as a whole.


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Top 10 tips to improve your website and digital identity #Passion4Digital

Here at Salford Business School, our MSc Digital Marketing and Business IT students are often building their own websites and connecting their professional social media networks to create a professional digital identity online. For many careers in IT and business, this digital identity can be a really important and powerful tool. It enables you to engage with a much wider audience[…]

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How to run an election campaign on Facebook?

News that the UK’s Conservative Party has been spending more than £100,000 a month on Facebook advertising has its supporters and rivals all wondering if this is money well spent. It seems like a lot of money and indeed, it represents a significantly bigger investment than any of the other main political parties, but then[…]

Your way to a Digital Marketing career – JEMSS

The skills and knowledge that can be obtained from Digital Marketing are in increasing demand by marketing professionals. Online advertising, specifically through social media platforms, is now a hugely important way to enable effective marketing and reach existing and prospective clients. The use of these channels enables marketers to better engage with online users. This[…]

In search of students interested in Digital and Social Media Marketing

A three year project (JEMSS) started to develop a Joint European Masters programme in Digital and Social Media Marketing in October 2013. This project aims to develop digital marketing professionals for the new era of marketing. The digital economy evolves and companies need to be more competitive, by adopting new marketing strategies based on new technologies.[…]

Viral Marketing, students and JEMSS

The Internet and in particular social media has rapidly changed marketing. E-mail referrals, online forums and customer reviews have encouraged consumers to share information far more easily than before. Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on marketing messages to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in message’s exposure and influence. Before the[…]