Marta Rodriquez with Big Chip Award 2016

Marta Rodriguez’s Internship with UK Tights

The spirit of JEMSS project with the hands on element of Masters in Digital is to encourage internships and work placements for students whilst studying. Highlighting successful internships with the JEMSS University partners we’re showcasing the first of a series of blogs to give students and businesses and insight into the benefits of such placements[…]


How An African Gained World Class Education in Social Media & Digital Marketing for €0!

This is Toka’s Story of how his #passion4digital led by Social Media & Digital Marketing MOOC delivered by  the Salford Business School and how it has transformed his dreams of making a living online into reality.  Hi! I’m Toka (meaning: high quality/standard) and my quest to work in digital began when I was 15. Being African[…]

Is guerilla usability testing (UX testing) feasible?

Is guerrilla usability testing a feasible approach?

Earlier this year we began our work on a new platform specifically created for #passion4digital community. Since then, the platform has went through many changes, improvements, Guerrilla usability testing and even challenges. The work conducted for this platform was also used by me, a final year Salford Business School student for my dissertation project as[…]

Viral Marketing campaign

Viral marketing campaigns using STEPPS model

Viral Marketing campaign

What makes content viral? In a society where blogs, images, tweets and videos have the potential to be global worldwide phenomena reaching and engaging audiences in minutes we look at what contributes to them becoming viral and it’s usefulness in digital marketing. 

The holy grail of successful content marketing campaign is that the content resonates with your buyer personas. Once your buyer persona engage with your content and start sharing it on your behalf the content becomes viral. One of the common challenges for students on the MSc Digitial Marketing is to see how different types of content resonate with buyer persona. Therefore it is alwyas a process of testing and learning which is needed for developing a successfull digitla marketing strategy.

When looking at virility of content and in particular when it comes to evaluating videos, a number of different models are available including the Berger’s (2013) STEPPS framework. Let’s have a detailed look at what the STEPPS model offers for a viral markeitng campaign. […]

NorternDigitalAwards 2016

What have we learned from the #NorthernDigitalAwards 2016?

NorternDigitalAwards 2016

On Thursday 28th January a team of three postgraduate students, five members of staff and two company partners from the Candidate Ltd set off on a journey to the Northern Digital Awards 2016.

digital marketing relationship

Salford Business School was up for a nomination with the Candidate Ltd for the best digital marketing campaign in third sector as part of project that develops a Joint Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing. The campaign was around the massive open online course (MOOC) which allows free education in Digital Marketing and attracted over 14k students from around the globe.

We did not win, but the actual process of attending the Northern Digital Awards 2016 was an educational experience that you cannot read about – you have to experience it. offers a number of extra curricular activities for students to engage in developing their professional brand – see Creative Entrepreneur event as well as networks and attending of these awards one of these great occasions.


Why does the history of SEO matter?


As the old saying goes – history repeats itself and this is no different when looking at the history of SEO and the digital marketing field – although the tools might be new and evolving the one aspect of digital marketing that remains constant is change.

The history of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows us to chart the main developments associated with it’s constant evolution – during which these four pillars of SEO stood the test of time –


Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC review: Greece focus group

Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC review: Greece

On Monday, the 7th of December 2015, the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC focus group event took place at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College in Thessaloniki Greece. The purpose of the event was to review the course which run from September to December 2016 and hear from MOOC participants what they[…]

Digital Marketing students Salford Business School

How to refine a digital marketing strategy?

Creating sharable content is one of the strengths of digital marketing communications. The success of a digital marketing strategy can be measured by the resonance that marketing communications content receives with its target audience. Organisations are looking for ways to develop digital content that is relevant to their target audience and then to measure how that audience engages with the content.

It is important, for the successful implementation of a digital marketing strategy, to target the right channels with the right messages. For example, social media is often used for awareness raising, so may be inappropriate for sales related content.

digital marketing management

Digital marketing channels – Customer journey to online purchase

However, the above data from Customer journey to online purchase suggests that for example the decision to buy a room night in a hotel in the UK will often be influenced by social media – hence it would be appropriate to have sales related communications here.

One of the techniques that works well in digital marketing is to try small scale projects to observe the impact and learn from that engagement. Based on the results an activity and or the message could be stopped, replicated or refined.