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UPDATED February 22, 2016

The submission stage for the survey has concluded. We would like to thank everyone for the time taken to complete the survey and the valuable answers.

We are pleased to announce that following the prize draw, Harriett Clarke has been selected as the winner of the Amazon Voucher. Please see below our winner’s kind words:

“Oh WOW what can I say I am most delighted to have won!!!! And as for my participating in improving the  #passion4digital platform: I am an advocate of further education and learning. It is fantastic that the #passion4digital platform has enabled persons from as far as my country Jamaica, to access such a beneficial course as the digital and social media marketing which has helped to dispel the notion that Social Media is only about getting a Facebook or Twitter account. The course has helped us to see that it is a very important part of the marketing and advertising process which is to be taken very seriously when developing a successful marketing campaign. I look forward to some day being able to access a Masters Degree from this very platform #passion4digital which has helped to broaden my digital marketing and social media skills.”


Apart from the work we are conducting on developing a MOOC, writing the core text book for the Joint Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing course, we are involved in creating a new platform for the continuously growing #passion4digital community.

If you were already using Creative Hive platform, you will be happy to find out that #passion4digital community will have its own platform created to enhance your learning experience. Your new website address will be:


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