5 Content Marketing tips to focus on in 2022 and ALWAYS!

content marketing

Content IS King! Yes, it is going to rule for several coming years.  

Content marketing is one of the most important keys to opening the doors of digital marketing

With the right content strategy, you can connect with your audience, deliver your brand story, and also can set yourself apart from the competition. 

You may wonder, can one piece of content be capable of serving these many purposes?

Well, yes! 

Owing to these reasons, businesses have started making substantial investments in content marketing

Back in 1990, companies like Marvel and DC created comics as a part of the content strategy so that kids would read them and buy their toys!

Since then, content marketing has evolved significantly! 

Each year trends in content marketing change and in this blog, we are going to give you the content marketing trends that are going to rule in 2022


Tips that will level up your content game:

1. Understand your customer :

Each time you create content, you have to consider one crucial fact: you are creating content for your customer or audience. You are NOT creating content for your company. 

Many times, content creators miss out on this important factor. 

In order to make the most of your content marketing, you have to first create a buyer’s persona.

How to create a buyer persona

  • List out their areas of interest
  • Understand their pain points
  • Presume what sort of content they would want to watch, read or listen to.
  • Be present where your audience is and engage with them 
  • Speak the language of your audience 

Understanding your target audience plays a vital role in content marketing strategy. Moreover, when you create content of value without asking for anything in return, you gain the trust of your audience much faster and more deeply. 

And that’s how you can get closer to their hearts, via content.

Consumers are kind of exhausted of brands, salespeople, and advertising that only promote the attractive elements of products and services. They are tired of being misled or flat-out lied to by those selling the products.

So, where are they turning to for information about products and services they need and/or want?

They’re going online and learning from third parties. They’re reading blog articles, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts created by other consumers that are aimed at educating rather than pitching; teaching rather than selling.

When your customers know they can trust you, they are more likely to support you, buy from you and seek your advice and recommendations.

Here’s where content marketing comes into the picture!

2. Use the Content Pillars- educate, inspire, incentivise 

Content pillars build the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. Depending on your marketing goal, ensure that your marketing efforts are spread evenly across these pillars. 

Educational content:

For your persona to be interested in your product/service, it is important to convince them why you are the best solution to their problem. Talk about what sets you apart from the rest. Give your persona information that is relevant to your product/service. This effort can build trust with your customer and push them further in the marketing funnel, subsequently.

Inspirational content:

If you are over 20 years old, you definitely remember viral marketing campaigns like Share a Coke and Real Beauty Campaign by Dove. What is common in these campaigns and why did they work? They reflect the values of the brand and resonate with their customer’s values. These campaigns have given the brand an identity which sets them apart from everyone. Thoughtfully crafted content can give your persona “all the feels” and can lead to brand loyalty and brand perception. 

Incentive marketing:

Do you remember as a child, parents would reward us for achieving our goals? Turns out we still have that little child inside us and it gets excited every time it sees a reward! This reward could be in the form of discounts, free membership, early access or contests. Amazon Prime is a very good example of incentive marketing

3. Build a community- communicate your core values that set you apart

With digital marketing, the conversation between the brand and its customers has become two-way. It is important to take advantage of this possibility to encourage the customers to create User Generated Content. Associate a catchy hashtag with the campaign. Showcase content created by a user, it makes them feel heard and recognised and motivates others to participate. 

Tribal behavior is a tendency that we as humans can’t deny. For example, the dedicated fanbase of BTS singers! By building a strong community, you can connect with your persona on a deeper level and understand their pain points. This can inspire new product/service developments. 

Your community members are your best brand ambassadors. No marketing trick can beat a review from a happy customer. For this to happen, keep interacting with your community.

4. Monitor, Analyze, Modify, Repeat

Neil Patel agrees, “Today, it’s more about comments, shares across multiple channels, discussion, and action – or engagement with your stuff – and conversions.” That clearly points out how “monitoring” or let’s call it by its friendly name, engagement is crucial. 

Keeping the community engaged also translates into quality analysis. Having optimal KPIs will help you to understand exactly what the audience wants and hence, deliver it better. So, give the audience what it wants!

Content marketing doesn’t stop at publishing. The next step is to interact with your audience, listen to what they have to say and modify your strategy for all the next content pieces that you plan on. So the next time a marketing professional tells you to stick to just one set strategy, don’t! Take risks! Because now more than ever, people prefer raw, unscripted content over strategic product-selling content.

So now that you took that foot ahead, skipped that line, go back to step one and monitor, then engage!

5. Consistent Brand Messaging

According to Hubspot, we observed 500 million stories published per day on Instagram in 2021 and it would take 82 years to watch all videos on youtube. This helps us realize the huge amount of content produced and available every day online. Naturally, this observation can make us worry about whether our content will be able to stand out. 

But creating content is mainly about delivering a message; even better, it’s about delivering a consistent brand message. Today, Internet users are looking for relevant, valuable, actionable, and consistent content. Being consistent in your content creation will bring you concrete benefits like:

  • Allow your brand to stand out of competitors
  • Position you as an expert and a reference in your niche or industry
  • Increase your brand authority in your ecosystem
  • Build trust and confidence with your communities
  • Increase your social media engagement
  • Turn your followers to customers

We used to talk a lot about the quantity of content produced when it comes to content marketing, but instead of quantity, the content trend and predictions show us that the consistency of your message will play a major role in the success of your content strategy. 

So let’s be consistent to stand out our brand’s uniqueness, build strong relationships with our online communities and achieve our business goals.


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