August 7, 2018

5.3 : Twitter

5.3 : Twitter

Dr. Gordon Fletcher, Senior Lecturer, Salford Business School, UK

Twitter is a different type of platform and most notable for the fact that it has a limited number of characters that can be used. For business, this encourages creativity because you have to get around that limitation.

You may consider using imagery, which can be attached to that post, you may look at other different innovations around the use of creative text or multiple posts of the same message again and again over a period of time, or you may look at a continuous post which builds over time. All of these are possibilities.

But perhaps the most important aspect of Twitter is it’s use of hashtags – its in fact, arguably, invention of hash tags.

Twitter has a limit of 140 characters per message, which promotes creativity –

Key features: integration of images, videos, links and most importantly hashtags

Hashtags are found in all of these platforms that we are discussing, but Twitter is the place to start your hashtag and build that following and build that interest across other platforms and via your blog on your website. The use of a hashtag is entirely in your control and the creation of a hashtag that you use is entirely in your control.

Asta Cepulyte, Chief Executive Officer, Sharecruit, Lithuania

We as well work with email marketing, remarketing, and we try also other channels, and our main focus will be later Twitter, which is more globally used and even in the USA and in Europe, but it’s not a priority at the moment, and we’re going to work with content marketing, creating the blog and the content for our audience.

Twitter is not a popular network in some countries such as Lithuania – however, Sharecruit plan to embrace Twitter in the future due to its global reach

Colin Telford, Managing Partner, The Candidate Ltd, UK

We use Twitter to speak to a very large candidate pool on a regular basis. We release so much information on Twitter. We try and categorize that so that it’s based on jobs, based on ad hoc activity, based on research activity ‘cause people want to see a range of information coming through from Twitter.

Twitter is used by The Candidate Ltd to speak to a large number of individuals on a range of topics

To manage Twitter, a tool such as TweetDeck is used to filter discussions by hashtags and allow multi-user account management

Obviously, you can release information on there, you can share and retweet and comment and favour different comments on there. You can build networks based on who’s important to your business, you can observe what your competitors are up to by using Twitter, and you can perhaps follow hashtags on there as well. The par and the information that you can get from Twitter is quite staggering.

We use TweetDeck that sits on top of Twitter and that allows you to create columns and segment the different areas which you use Twitter for. And by getting an understanding of how that works can be very beneficial for your business and your digital marketing activities.

Alex Charalambidis, Digital Marketing Strategist, MONKS, Greece

Sometimes we are using Twitter for customer service but it’s not the same penetration with Facebook. We can see an increase in Twitter lately, in the USA and in some countries in Europe, but again the leader is Facebook.

Twitter is often used for customer service and although the penetration of Twitter in Greece is slow compared to countries such as the UK and the US, although it is growing.


Using Twitter for business

Have a look at the Twitter Business Guide:

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