August 7, 2018

6.7 : PPC report

6.7 : PPC report

Dr. Gordon Fletcher, Senior Lecturer, Salford Business School, UK

There are numbers of pay per click systems, for example Google is a familiar one, as is Facebook to many people. They all work slightly differently but ultimately they all produce reports for a very simple purpose – they are all about money, and it is about your money.

PPC reports allow you to see your reach and your focus –make sure that you are getting the right message to your buyer persona

PPC reports, however, also show you two other important factors – your reach and your focus. The reports give you indication of how far your message is getting out there, but getting out to a massive number is not necessarily your purpose. You may be getting a message to millions of people but ultimately you’re not focusing on your buyer persona and this is a mistake that’s often made with PPC activity.

With focus, you’re getting to the right people for right amount of money, and you’re getting your message across. All these things can be interpreted from your PPC report. If the content’s right, you’re getting click-throughs, and you’re getting a response; if the reach is right, you’re hitting the right people and ultimately if the price is right, you’re also interacting with your competitors because, in PPC reports, with some drilling and understanding, you can recognize the activity of competitors in the same field. And that enables you to be able to respond and interact with your competitors in a way that’s positive for you, and ultimately engages your buyer persona, for you, in the right way.

Alex Charalambidis, Digital Marketing Strategist, MONKS, Greece

One metric is based on benchmarks. We know the industry and what is a good benchmark for the campaign but actually at the end of the day measuring leads and conversions.

PPC measurement is good for tracking your leads and conversions

Additional material

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Depending on the platform you choose, there are a number of reports that you can create based on the data you get for your advertising campaigns

See for example Google AdWords

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6.0 The importance of ongoing monitoring and learning from your engagement
6.1 Understanding of Social Capital and its importance case study
6.2 Accessing data in Google Analytics
6.3 Accessing data from Facebook
6.4 Accessing data from Twitter
6.5 Using spreadsheets to analyse and populate reports
6.6 Learning from digital results

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  1. Why is Digital and Social Media Marketing important today and in the future?
    1.1. Introduction to strategic planning
    1.2 SWOT analysis
    1.3. Developing SMART objectives for strategy and campaigns
    1.4. Digital Business Maturity Model
    1.5. The consumer journey to online purchase
    1.6. Introduction to core concepts and technologies of digital and social media marketing
    1.7. Introduction to online branding
  1. Understanding the different nature of digital channels based on geographic, demographic and digital fit for a campaign
    2.1 Search Engines – differences in countries – based on the case study examples
    2.2 Social Media platforms differences in countries and how to they can be used
    2.3 Email marketing and how it can be used
    2.4 Affiliate marketing and how it can be used
    2.5 Mobile marketing and how it could be used
    2.6 Paid channels overview – search and social
    2.7 Communities focused engagement
  1. Buyer persona development
    3.1 The importance of understanding who the target audience is
    3.2 Planning integration of search and social media
    3.3 Keyword research for buyer persona
    3.4 Social media channels for buyer persona
    3.5 Develop keyword plan for a campaign
    3.6 PPC keyword vs organic keyword plan
    3.7 Develop social media editorial calendar
  1. How campaigns fit into a wider implementation of the overall organisation strategy
    4.1 Example company campaign plan
    4.2 Key elements of campaign management – Gantt chart
    4.3 Risk management
    4.4 Digital project management tools and techniques
    4.5 Project plan monitoring and review
    4.6 Marketing automation
    4.7 PPC campaign planning
  1. Choosing the right digital profiles for the right audience
    5.1 Facebook
    5.2 YouTube
    5.3 Twitter
    5.4 LinkedIn
    5.5 PPC optimisation
    5.6 What makes content to go Viral?
    5.7 How to create content viral?