Delivery Stage

After the development and testing stages, Joint European Masters programme in Search and Social Media Marketing is going to be introduced on national educational markets of partnering universities. The programme will be delivered in English. Strong international element will be a crucial part of the course.

We are going to recruit students that seek the best practical knowledge and skills development opportunities and see their future in digital marketing. Working with them we are going to give them tangible boost in their skills, abilities and knowledge. This will result in changing their potential on the job market. We plan to monitor their satisfaction levels, results and after graduation stories in order to constantly improve the programme.

JEMSS is going to be a growing project, not only from this perspective. Since digital, search and social media marketing is changing rapidly and on constant basis, we are going to reflect up-to-date state of the market in future editions of the programme. Consulting SMEs, corporate and organisational partners are going to be a crucial element in this process.

Our goal in JEMSS project is not only to introduce the best search and social media marketing masters programme to the market, but also make it sustainable. We strongly believe that digital marketing will be growing part of our economy and there will be constant demand for skilled candidates for this fascinating field of professional development.

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