Digital Internship with Kamikaze – Dominik Pietrasik

We caught up with Kamikaze who give interns confidence and skills in digital. Read about Dominik Pietrasik and how he got on with his internship.


Dominik Pietrasik,

Management – Marketing (Masters),

University of Lodz

Kamikaze needed help to free up staff time to start new projects

Kamikaze is an interactive agency working for some of the biggest companies in Poland. Dominik worked at Kamikaze in Client Service Department as a Junior Project Manager. His paid placement lasted 3 months, during which he worked 30 hours across 5 days every week. Kamikaze was looking for help for their teams working with key clients. They wanted Dominik to coordinate minor elements for larger projects to free more experienced employees to start new projects.

Dominik was immediately engaged in responsible projects for important clients

Dominik has experienced practical approach to project management. He has learned key information on running a client account. Since his work had a strong degree of independence, he has expanded his self-management skills.

Kamikaze benefitted from Dominik’s work directly as he was performing important client-oriented tasks, but also his placement allowed Kamikaze to extend the scope of their activities and increase the number of projects they were working on simultaneously.

The employer set defined objectives and responsibilities for Dominik:


L’Oreal, L’Oreal men expert and Garnier project teams support, customer contact, management of minor projects.


Tests, communication and content management for a Polish version of Make Up Genius app, landing page premiere and contest management for L’Oreal Men Expert, Garnier, conducting marketing research for influencers project run by Kamikaze.

Dominik was able to expand his skills, knowledge and practical understanding of project management in interactive agency

Dominik appreciates not only the direct benefits of the placement but in his view, working for Kamikaze on real-life projects gave him tremendous networking opportunities, as he had to contact with client representatives, designers and programmers, freelancers and contractors as well as build relationships with Kamikaze employers.

His placement supported him with his studies. He appreciates that some of the knowledge he acquired in Kamikaze he was able to use in his exams. His teachers required him to demonstrate practical on-line marketing knowledge which he was able to acquire and use in his workplace.

Kamikaze uses placements as a recruitment tool.


Dominik was employed after his placement and is currently working for Kamikaze. From their perspective placements is the perfect recruitment tool that helps them to evaluate their future employees and to recruit best possible candidates.

‘Placements give us a chance to test our future employees in real working environment and make a decision based on quality of their work’

I would definitely recommend such placements for other students. Working for interactive agency allows you to know multiple industries at simultaneously. We learn how to communicate with target groups for each brand we are dealing with – you really start to appreciate differences between different kinds of customers!


Gaining practical knowledge was nearly automatic. During normal work the were a lot of jargon that you had to learn on the go. My coworkers were very eager to share their knowledge which was a great help to learn digital world from experts.”


“Some of the video conferences and meetings were in English, which helped me gain confidence in my practical language abilities

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