Influencers: how to choose them and develop partnerships?

The importance to add influencer in your business

Since the beginning of the 21st century, new communication tools have appeared. Social networks are now a must for communication, whether for small or large companies. They often go through reputable interlocutors called influencers. They have become the spokespersons for brands with the same notoriety as famous people. Over time, this has become a new profession. Sometimes followed by millions of people, influencers have a prescriptive power over brands that wish to communicate and develop their visibility through social networks. 

So how do you work with influencers?

1. Choosing the right influencer: 

An influencer must correspond to the project and the target of the company in need of increasing its brand. 

There are 3 types of influencers:

– Celebrities: highly popular on social networks. 

– Niche influencers: they benefit from increased legitimacy in their sector, thus federating a committed audience close to their interests.

– Micro-influencers: if they are aimed at a smaller community, they are appreciated for their authenticity and proximity.

Each of them allows brands to increase their visibility and notoriety in their own way.

2. The contributions of a well-chosen influencer: 

If they are well chosen, influencers can meet the company’s needs by reaching their target by 56% and purchase intentions by around 25%. 

3. What kind of relationship do influencers have? 

It is important to trust an employee, and to do so, it is necessary to respect certain points such as : 

– Consideration: an influencer is sometimes a very powerful lever and it is necessary to offer him/her an exchange of good practices so that each party is a winner. 

– Setting up an employment contract: this allows us to agree on everyone’s expectations and avoid confusion. 

– Trust: choosing an influencer is not done at random. It is therefore necessary to trust him/her with regard to his/her creativity and personality. 

Why choosing an influencer for your brand ? 

1-    Credibility & trust for influencers

The greatest strength of influencers is the trust of their followers. It is this trust that enables them to develop a loyal fan community. When influencers share their honest feedback on your product or service, it is considered a genuine recommendation. It can enhance the reputation of your brand and enhance your credibility. Therefore, working with influencers can help you win the trust of your audience. 

2-    Influencers for magnified brand Awareness 

Because of their extensive impact, influencers have the ability to increase brand awareness When influencers recommend or endorse your brand, the recommendations are usually considered authentic. Working with influencers can help you eliminate noise and attract their followers into your brand. It can increase the visibility of your brand and help initiate meaningful online conversations about it.

3-    Influencers for audience Engagement

It is clear that Increasing the number of likes and comments on your social media posts is a struggle. In the absence of good participation, having millions of followers will not produce any results. This is where influencer marketing can come in handy. First, working with influencers can improve the quality of content and make it more user-centric. Such content is more likely to attract attention among the target audience. Second, when influencers share your content on their social media profiles, their audience will also participate. If they like the content, they can tag their friends and share it on their profile, further expanding their reach.

4-    Influencers for conversions 

Consumers often spend hours conducting online research before buying. Influencers  have the ability to drive more people to use your products or services. This is because consumers trust the suggestions made by their favorite influencers. Brands can use this to influence purchasing decisions and promote more conversions. According to a study by, 33% of respondents agree that influencers are their most trusted source of shopping advice.

How to manage influencers and find the right one for your campaign?

Influencers are trendy and help a lot some brands to reach new customers. But the main problem is that it’s hard to find the right influencers and to manage it with success. Many people based themselves only on the number of followers of someone to choose and they think that the more followers the influencer will have, the more they will reach new customers.  But in reality, this is a big mistake, what is important with an influencer will be the conversion from a prospect to a client. Before choosing the right person for your campaign you need to ask yourself “Does this influencer have values close to my brand?” You need to match the brand story with the story of your influencer, if your brand’s history doesn’t match that of the influencer partner, the product content won’t look authentic, and subscribers will quickly realize this.

The most successful influencers can create great photos with well-kept captions, but if there is no alignment or emotion between the opinion leader and your potential clients, the return on investment will most certainly not be there. So how do you find Instagram influencers with the same values as your brand? A simple way is to search for accounts by keywords either on Google by exploiting the results of rankings made by blogs/magazines or on Instagram directly, because keywords inserted in its profile can be detected, It’s also complicated sometimes to manage influencers. To keep a good relationship with your influencer you need Think about maintaining good working relationships with them. Influence marketing is an investment in relationships, which means cultivating communication is as important as measuring & analysing the results of your collaborations.

Indeed, the one-shot practices of influence marketing seem to be over soon, and brands now have real long-term relationships with influencers, always with the aim of setting up future communication actions. Like any relationship, successful collaborations are based on mutual respect and permanent dialogue.

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