Is TikTok the next big thing in Social Media?

Is TikTok the next BIG Thing? The answer is YES and NO.

So, why Tiktok?

Let me explain. Many professionals, influencers and specialists have been trying to forecast recently and predict what’s next. What’s the next Facebook, the next Snapchat, or the next Instagram? and this has shifted all eyes on TikTok. Research shows that huge social media platforms such as Facebook are not likely to happen again or at least not anytime soon because how huge they have become. These platforms are gigantic and grew in a way no other platform could compete with in the short run. But is Tiktok able to flip the table ?

Millenial Entrepreneurs on TikTok

When talking about TikTok on a leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said « It’s almost like the Explore Tab that we have on Instagram. » But the truth is, it’s not what he thinks it is. And clearly, now this even has left many people skeptical about the future of Facebook in beating, I mean, how could they beat a company they ignore and take for beaten already.

Tiktok: The next brand strategy towards marketing

The Beijing-based Chinese company, has been putting efforts into influential marketing as their “low key strategy”. It also offers a great customer experience with no ads. Now Tiktok videos are usually short and concise with an enormous amount of creativity. It makes one of Tiktok’s biggest competitive advantages, as a video brand marketing platforms. Companies still have access to influential people, a wide range of data and potential customers, and a platform where their brand can prevail and their marketing teams can innovate. That’s what differentiates and makes up a niche market for Tiktok when comparing with the world video leader: Youtube. Youtube has a wide range of content on its platform, and are usually way long in duration that Tiktok

Change is the new viral tag

In the end, we all remember how Instagram overthrew Snapchat, when adding the story feature. That one change and added feature, shifted many clients from Snapchat to Instagram, and allowed to have basically Instagram features and the snapchat stories all in one. Today, Tiktok gained a big share of the market just by acquiring

Which other move can Tiktok do to beat the social media LEADERS?

Do you think Tiktok can even go too far?

To be continued…

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