Week 3: MOOC Chapter 3 goes live

Digital Media and Marketing MOOC

As you may already be aware the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC chapter 3 has gone live. This means we are almost halfway through the execution of the online course, with almost 11,000 students signed up its becoming more and more popular. It is not too late to join – so here’s your guide to why you should join the 10,000+ students from around the world.

So wherever you live in the world, whether it be the UK, Nigeria, Germany or Bulgaria as long as you have a #Passion4Digital this course appeals to you. The professional partners supporting the Joint European Masters project in Digital and Social Media Marketing (JEMSS) created this course so they could raise awareness for an industry which is constantly growing and developing creating a major skills shortage predicament.Locations

So what are the JEMSS Partners trying to create?

A course which can influence professionals in developing their business performance or teaching students about skills they’ll need, backed up with professional case studies to show how it works in an working environment.

‘This course combines practical skills and theoretical knowledge with the goal of teaching you the skills to improve Digital and Social Media Marketing in organisations.’’

The course structure is very simple, as a student you will watch videos, answer quizzes and then complete the homework set. Each week a new chapter is released and they have 8 sections and then 1 homework section. The homework varies from week to week; they could be a blog posts uploaded to creative hive or it could be as a peer assessment.

This course has been voted the top 10 MOOC starting in September 2015-10-13


Class Central monitor MOOCs and have recognised this MOOC as one of the top 10 MOOCs to start in September 2015.

Were they right? There are a number of course participants so far enjoying the course – see their tweets:

The different chapters for the last 3 weeks are as follows:

  1. Why is Digital and Social Media Marketing important today and in the future?
    1.1. Introduction to strategic planning
    1.2 SWOT analysis
    1.3. Developing SMART objectives for strategy and campaigns
    1.4. Digital Business Maturity Model
    1.5. The consumer journey to online purchase
    1.6. Introduction to core concepts of digital and social media marketing
    1.7. Introduction to online branding
  2. Understanding the different nature of digital channels based on geographic, demographic and digital fit for a campaign
    2.1 Search Engines – differences in countries – based on the case study examples
    2.2 Social Media platforms differences in countries and how to they can be used
    2.3 Email marketing and how it can be used
    2.4 Affiliate marketing and how it can be used
    2.5 Mobile marketing and how it could be used
    2.6 Paid channels overview – search and social
    2.7 Communities focused engagement
  3. Buyer persona development
    3.1 The importance of understanding who the target audience is and how search and social help to develop this understanding
    3.2 Planning integration of search and social media
    3.3 Keyword research for buyer persona
    3.4 Social media channels for buyer persona
    3.5 Develop keyword plan for a campaign
    3.6 PPC keyword vs organic keyword plan
    3.7 Develop social media editorial calendar

Read in depth and sign up to this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). You can follow the #passion4digital hashtag to see other student’s opinions on the course and see how they have been getting on, read some of the blogs and engage over questions and comments to each other.

This is a really exciting industry which needs more technical and skilled digital marketers’.

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