Meet the leading social media marketers from all over Europe

Get to know the key partners and co-creators of JEMMS – a dazzling pleiad of prominent universities and companies of proven quality and success in the field of social marketing. This diverse and highly experienced team guarantees you a perfect blend of practice-driven expertise and profound academic knowledge on any social media topic.

The University of Salford (UoS) is renowned for its partnerships with industry, business and the public sector. It manages the project at Salford Business School that makes extensive use of technology to support and supplement taught classes. SBS will contribute its knowledge and experience acquired from the delivery of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses such as those in Search and Social Media Marketing (  SBS has strong and relevant experience in leading international projects in the area of the Digital Economy.

The Faculty of Management at University of Lodz is one of the largest business schools in Central Europe offering wide range of courses at bachelors, masters and doctoral level. It specializes in research and education in the areas of information technologies, marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources, quality management and innovation implementation. University works with several hundred SMEs each year, providing advice and training through the MBA, postgraduate study programs and joint projects.

The Candidate Ltd (TCL), offers recruitment services for the digital marketing sector which is currently suffering from a huge skills shortage. The Candidate wants to build its reputation as a ‘white knight’ within the recruitment industry and be known for building both real world and social media relationships. The Candidate wants to be the recruiter that people turn to for talent.  The Candidate will use their national and international industry network to provide the project with a grounding perspective regarding the latest needs of digital marketing industry.

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), established in 1922, is the largest technical university in the Baltic States. KTU’s Economics and Management Faculty is Lithuania’s leading center for the study of Economics and Management. The Marketing Department is responsible for delivering marketing subjects across all of the University’s programs. KTU will lead the primary data collection to understand the skills required by SMEs in partner countries.

The University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is the largest and the oldest higher educational institution of Economics in Bulgaria and South-eastern Europe having being established in 1920. The major responsibility in the project is to lead primary data collection to understand student needs in partner countries. UNWE brings its experience in new curriculum development and the introduction of new courses and teaching methods as well as international experience in educational projects.

CITY College Ltd (CCL) is a private college of higher education founded in 1989 by the Strategakis Organization. Since September 2009, it is academically merged with the University of Sheffield and its organisational structure, but maintains its financial autonomy and governance. CITY College’s role in the project is to lead the secondary research on key modules and topics for the course and the quality assurance for the project.

Lotus Advertising – – (LAI) is a digital creative agency dedicated to developing and perfecting exciting and effective visual communication experiences that will help promote and spread information about the program to the target group across Europe and around the globe. LAI brings Digital Key strength to the project with over 250 projects and 8 industry awards for the last 18 years Lotus has the experience and knowledge to design engaging digital experiences through all the channels – websites, digital campaigns and mobile applications.


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