5 Methods to get Web Traffic

Nowadays, having a website is a must for a business or even for a person who hopes to make money online.
If you are in this case, I found for you 5 verified methods that will allow you to bring visitors to your site. There are other means such as Blog articles, natural referencing (SEO), paid referencing (SEA), YouTube videos but also Social Network optimization.

A blog is like a diary (not really intimate since it ends up on the internet😃).
In a blog, you can talk about a lot of things related to the theme of your site.
The blog is the first contact of an Internet user on a website. When a user types a query on google, he usually comes across articles related to his keywords.

1. Blogging

Arnel Hasanosic

The interest of a blog is that it is the best showcase of a site. It attracts so many visitors that some people make a living out of it.
WP Formation, for example, gives you all the information on how to make a living out of it.

2. Natural referencing: (SEO)

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of processes that allow referencing a website.
What I mean by “referencing” ? is the use of tools and strategies that will allow your site to be among the Top 3 Google results in relation to a keyword. Basically, it allows you to improve the positioning of your site.

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For this, 3 bases are important in the implementation of an SEO strategy.

Internal optimisation

Optimizing your site means putting internal links to other pages of your site. Basically, you have to make sure that your site respects the principles of Headings tags, make sure that your content is easy to read, but also that your site is easily navigable.

External optimization

You can’t hog all the traffic you earn. You have to share; that’s what mom always told us 😉. For external optimization, it’s the same thing. The goal is to redirect parts of your content to other sites. That’s called doing backlinks. This allows your site to gain visibility and you also allow others to gain authority.

Other sites can also make backlinks to yours you know? For that, there are methods that Semrush can explain to you.

Technical optimization

Technical optimization is to check some elements of your site. It goes from the speed of your site to the weight of the images you publish. You must also optimize your permalinks and make sure that your site is responsive on all devices.

As I’m nice, I’ll give you the link to a great SEO YouTuber that will help you better understand these concepts.

Paid referencing

What is paid referencing first? Paid referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is like natural referencing, that is to say, improving the positioning of a site, but using paid acquisition methods.

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This is usually done with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads through Displays, Affiliation, Google My Shopping, or even emailing.
The advantage of ASP is the saving of time for money. This means that you are able to be visible on Google results in no time at all. The main conditions are to know your audience, your CPC, your budget, and your return on investment (ROI).
For more information on the SEA, go to Semrush.

4. YouTube Videos

Making videos is another great way to get Traffic. In addition to developing your multimedia skills, it encourages users to take an interest in what you do. After Google, YouTube is the network that attracts the most users; so much so that it is considered a search engine.

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You can create tutorial videos related to your theme, or webinars that inform the Internet users about your activities and products if you have an e-commerce site.
The Digital Marketing agency Markentive shows you the reasons and the steps to follow to create profitable videos for your site.

5. Social Networks

It’s not news to anyone now; using networks like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is like taking off exponentially.

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The goal here is to build a community based on your theme, which means creating a brand for you.
Of course, there is a kind of SEA for social networks. Just like paid referencing, this mode of acquisition allows you to quickly reach a large audience according to the statistics made by the algorithms.
To be favorable to these algorithms, it is important to think strategically. The E-monsite group shows steps to follow in order to correctly use social networks to promote its site.


The above methods are not exhaustive. Of course, there are many methods to increase the traffic of your site. The best is to be a little bit everywhere, that is to say, to be able to correctly use all the mentioned channels.
The hardest thing is to find a strategy for each channel to use. To learn more, I advise you to go to the coder.

Author: Narcisse Kokoua