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10.05 Introductions

10.06 Stati Statev –We appreciate the efforts and look forward to creating the joint masters in Digital Marketing and the impressive outcomes such as the book and MOOC online course attended by over 10000 students over the world. Now open the Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Conference.

10.12 Dr Aleksej Heinze will now tell us about the outcomes of the programme

10.13 Reason we are here is to talk about the gap. 5 years ago we sat and talked about this and now we are here for the final conference!

10.26 What is an effective digital marketing strategy?

  1. Business Objectives, Marketing, Sales, Operation and Support

‘Channels, content and data set the path for you to your buyer persona and form your strategy’

  1. Keyword Research

3 Content- First moment of truth video youtube

4. Channels – Mostly about brand awareness activities and doesn’t also translate into purchasing decisions. Look at ‘Think with Google

5. Data- you have less control of channels beyond your own website for example if Facebook changes their algorithms. Let Data Make decisions, not the HIPPOS (highest paid person’s opinion)

Q&A opportunity

10.46 Can you please share some advice on marketing my website on Twitter or Facebook? The basic way is to have a scheduled calendar, talk about event, what posts will engage your target audience and if you have a budget amplify. Hard to give advice without understanding buyer persona and your website. What is the business purpose?

We are creating brands and websites. How can I establish the correct buyer person?

Multiple sources, search social media do they exist or are we creating. Who will be purchasing these, follow competitors and customers. Most social media have tools to summarise the use of these people. Establish the best pay points and look at ways feedback and complaints are used and responded to by your customers.

Blogs and social media are passive are there channels from which you are sharing how do you find the right channel?

For strategic purposes it is important to be aware of most effective but also be aware of them all. How to find the best look at all types of content. Look at what content works best for your competitors, improve it and put it out there better!

Is there any special word for your educational approach and as this is contemporary. What do you think about the changes in the new kind of thinking and using of digital information, contemporary

Glad to have PHD student Sophie Iredale and together we are using Action Research. It is very fast movement every 5/6 months and we went to European Countries and understand what is working.

11:00 Olga Andrienko Initially I was focused on sales – I found a way to get their work to me and they started to listen.

6 Principles of Persuasion

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment
  • Social proof
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

Social Media and Customer Support

Over 600 cases solved in 4 months via social media using sprout social and it is good for customer support and these can be solved quickly and effectively.  Create a Bot with frequently asked questions great for global business, event or conference.

Different languages- so I asked my team to translate phrases for me. Something in their local language is an indication is you are listening

Sky Scanner bug Case Study. Bug in system said wait time between flights was 47 hours and they responded in fun way giving options of how to spend 47 years.

Deal with complaints creatively.

Why Webinar support? I don’t have access to know who is on the webinar and social media is a great place to do that. If I combining it with social media. E.g. ask person who does webinar video ask for an upload e.g. highlights and put content on your own channel/ social media page

Social Media checklist

If you generate something on social then you tap every channel.’


What is your opinion on scheduling posts?

Our team schedules to prove we are decent if we only have real time opinions and we want to expose our readings and learnings. As we are global and shows we are there and active

What do you think about the new mix of the new language?

I always speak the language of the customers ie technical. Be aware with who is active ie time in UK, Europe, US Optimise/Optimize Vacation/Holiday

What kind of indicatiors do you use for social media- KPIs?

We are on google analytics and we can see the amount of transactions that interacted with us on social. The Social brings the motions and these triggers decisions. The amount of paid users that interact as we can monitor success.

We have 60+ interaction on our page- we want to active but not annoying how many posts should we have?

Test it- we tried 3-8 per day no change in engagements and no complaints however we know 24 per day and that worked for them. Not 100% of content will not be expose. As a user I love it and a marketer I can struggle. Take on board analytics/ insights, feedback and able to see what resonates and what doesn’t. Look at frequency and content.

What is the Russian Digital Market like?

You need to advertise. You need to allow people to share their opinions. People fight to express themselves as in Europe when people differ opinions they can stay quiet.

Live Streaming would you recommend between Youtube and Facebook Live

I would chose Facebook live but if on youtube stream to  Facebook and the customers wouldn’t know

11:45 Panel Introductions by Georgi Malchev, Xplora

Sophie Iredale – SEMTA.EU CEO

Lubomir Alamanov – Founder and Managing Director, SiteMedia

Alexander Grigorov – Digital Marketing Toyota Bulgaria

Nevena Kotarova – Student/intern, mkt360

11:47 Sophie Iredale speaks about the Digital Marketing Skills Gap. The skills gap is as a result of the velocity the digital marketing industry has progressed. Worrying that it is continuing to grow with 700,000 people in the UK alone.

Question to the panel, how do we see how the gap could be closed?

I would say best practice but with the movement of the industry this is always we are changing. How do we regulate what isn’t visible to us? I aim to identify this with my research. Something that I am working on and don’t have the answer yet but am hoping to soon.

George- when asked business about best practice received a low response rate as they either aren’t using best practice or they don’t want to share what is working that no one else knows.

Alexander- biggest problem is digital knowledge. We want to reach out customers and we have been doing this through a digital agency. At certain point we internal interactions in order to be successful. Example as many business established before the internet, traditional communication channels even when went digital we kept the traditional method. Digital is just a contemporary form of marketing. If we want to lead we should be able to transform our marketing ideas into the digital channel.

Digital marketing in no different to traditional marketing just it is form is different.

Initially we didn’t have a digital budget it was just part of the marketing mix that was almost 60 years old. Google Adwords low budget 60BGL and had to prove this would be successful and I was supported by the management.

It is a myth that digital is cheap, no you need to spend money.

Lubomir Alamanov- in 1994 the main challenges was sending a press release get a person to read, take to someone else and approve this could be take 12 hours. When we got the internet it changed this. I remember when I first heard about Facebook I couldn’t understand why anyone would be interested in my post. My mother who was in her 60’s told me you could make money off Facebook- you don’t have to be coder to know what digital media can do for you.

Digital marketing is tool and method of marketing.

We should not stop learning and listening from the younger generations who are always finding and developing new methods of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a very good tool for community engagement.

Nevena Kotarova – Deputy Editor mkt360

I can’t apply anything I learnt at university these don’t apply now. Almost half the population of Europe have no digital skills and 90% of business will need this. How can we solve this problem?


What is the best quality you look for in a successful digital professional?

Nevena-  Keep learning not necessarily at university personally I believe that having a hunger for knowledge and be active in the industry.

Alexander – although I graduated I feel my success is because of what happened. People should be creators of information. Practice makes us better and in academic world. I have seen great students who need practical digital work experience. We have taken people on not as they had the knowledge but they had the soft skills that we could work with

Lubomir Alamanov – I am a fan of objective idealism. Important people constantly work to keep learning. Whether we create it or it is discovered but it is important to be a communicator and develop.

Sophie Iredale –  It is true the courses aren’t going to give you all the knowledge but give you the tools. You need to keep up to date and read and continue to learn through up to date blogs etc.

13:49 Alexander introduces Sasha Bezuhanova

She talks about the political process. Control over information and knowledge is impossible because of the variety of online channels. They have introduced a new framework and new responsibility for those in power.

Social media is becoming more real than virtual. People coming together create, groups, societies. Some say these are unsustainable but they are crucial in enabling people to get together and communicate.


The education process is also changing. More and more we see free content online and academic formats allowing us to learn online what and when we want over the world. The process of obtaining and sharing knowledge has new dynamics and has nothing to do with the educational processes that was in my time. This was a linear way of thinking which is no longer the process.


In this time of great transformation social is playing a role. It is a me-centric society digital experts know this as an opportunity but this also bring risk of your campaigns being neglected. This needs to be a balance between the essence and positioning to assess your impact opportunities. If personal account profile if opportunities quickly target our tools are at hand now the knowledge of the the mechanism.

New Paradigm- sharing collaboration and co creation

The digital space created new ethics on how we create and acquire information. It has no second opinion or conscience

Online activism and collaboration on causes

Volunteering service to society

Lots of volunteering initiatives allowing the new human being to satisfy the need to benefit society. Digital Marketing can provide this opportunity. What does it mean to be a professional person utilising these tools? The knowledge requirement on the new human being is much different from the social environment required just 20 years ago. 21st century human being should have basic skills in English, communication skills and the online environment. They also need IT and other skills and if we haven’t developed these skills we should do so. These should be in the curriculum of school. The new needs of human beings, skimming information and not going over the same information again. It is important consider their content to understand what exactly they are saying?

The agents of change

Organisation offer modern educational formats including post graduates as well as the classic education channels there is massive opportunities to provide for the new requirements. That is what we do at MoveBG . Support this in all aspects of modern life. Important to understand other people’s perspective and co create together with other people doing similar projects.

What communication skills do people need in this environment?

Nothing can substitute personal presence. Recommend contagious. It provides an in depth analysis of visual communication in digital. Word of mouth promotion of ideas is critical in success. Communication ideas being able to structure of ideas are recognisable in the ocean on ideas. Being able to think in different perspectives. In a world flooded with information it is important to be consistent in our ideas.

14:39 Alexander Christov introduces the panel for Digital channels, content creation and management

Ivan Ralchev – NextDC

Ivaylo Katsarkov – Talent Development Manager Musala Soft

Veselin Rogelov – Walmark

Tonia Zafirova – Student/intern, Accella Digital

14:41 Ivan Relchev gives intro to the panel what we did was create content that was in response to the audience.

14:49 Ivaylo talks about platforms, Facebook, Linkedin. Important to see how people are using these to profile and having the endorsement up to date. The information must be relevant to the current relationship.

Important for us to recognise the platforms that can be of use to our businesses and we need to decide which one suits their business.

Videos – attention span is short for people who watch the videos if it is placed at the right time. They should be in context and time appropriate

Veselin Rogelov- What is the purpose of marketing? To pass information to allow a business to achieve it’s goals. We have to decide who are target audience and then chose the best channel to use and what content to use.

14:01 Gordon Fletcher introduces the panel

14:02 Ana Cruz starts with a quiz! Brand game, one of a product, one of a person, one of a cartoon character. The budget of Coca Cola and Angry Birds are different size but have massive brand presence. We have been able to achieve this through digital platforms. Graduate have all the theory and knowledge but struggle take this into strategy and delivering roles. How can you turn this knowledge? Talks about concepts and the book.

The book can help everyone from students, practitioners and entrepreneurs. Digital and Social Media Marketing book is available on Amazon in November.

We remember that with what we have a connection. The book is a live platform and live on the digital community

16:22 Colin Telford- JEMSS Research- Internships Case Studies

I have been flying the flag trying to understand what a good intern looks like. Each partner spoke to their own companies and case studies and looked at how businesses and interns got the best out of internships. Whatever type you belong to you should be looking to take on interns.

Objectives – get hands-on experience in the real world. Don’t underestimate how quickly you can bring interns up to speed.

Look for a company that has an active campaign

Someone who can invest time with you

Good manager, mentor or boss

Be willing to learn


I can’t stress enough how important it I for young people to get experience in industry to give them an opportunity to learn and be equipped for the working world.


16:34 Bartłomiej Kurzyk

Rules changed between different universities. We have to think about who are target market is or are we going to accept those who have no knowledge. We have to decide how we will finish the course, academic course, qualifying etc. Nearly none of the partners have robust procedures.

Two models for the joint study programme models.

Chosen model

All partners run own programme which is currently run by Salford University.

14:45 Gordon Fletcher talks about the MOOC

The programme that was delivered covered a specific element of the course, Search and Social Media Marketing. Was delivered on the Iversity platform and it attracted over 14,000 participants. A massive scale operation. It was a learning environment and some things that needed adjusted for learning in this environment and the need to deliver courses in this way.

The material is available on Youtube and it a fraction of what the MOOC offers as you don’t get the interaction which is a big part of the MOOC is about.

17:00 That’s all folks

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