Fresh views from Student Interns: Testimonial from a JEMSS Intern


Digital social media marketing is not just the new trend from the marketing field that shifted the way businesses think – but also a great opportunity for the young generation to share their thoughts so that the leaders in this field learn from their fresh views!

JEMSS TestimonialIn this context, we would like to share with the community the experience of Ms Felicia Siavalas from Thessaloniki, Greece. Felicia, a 2nd level Business Administration Student with a considerable passion for marketing has undertaken an internship within the JEMSS project at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College.

Her fresh views and approaches towards digital social media marketing has enabled the local JEMSS partner to properly approach related companies from Greece and understand what they value most from their prospective employees in this field. New approaches always require fresh views – and the soon-to-be employees are always the best to learn from.

Felicia’s experience within her JEMSS internship was also beneficial her as she states that: “the hands-on experience gained within the JEMSS project internship that I was offered by the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College has definitely enhanced my skills and knowledge about digital social media as well as my tactics related to working with companies (my potential future employers). I was always passionate about marketing, but this experience within JEMSS opened new horizons for me by showing me the cutting-edge advances from the field.

JEMSS Testimonial2On the other hand, Mr. Adrian Solomon, the local project manager of JEMSS from The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College states that “the experience of working with entry-level interns is highly valuable for the field of digital social media marketing. Felicia came with fresh and out-of-the box ideas in approaching the target groups and she proved that this new field requires – by far – innovative ways of handling the involved tasks We are very happy with the result!



As you can see, gaining work experience within the digital industry is vital, it can direct a student’s career in a fascinating way. Students understand the value of internships and can identify that it becomes a crucial part in securing a job after their studies.