Why will email still be profitable in 2022?

Email is a profitable channel! Yes, but only if certain rules are followed to achieve this profitability.

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The presence of companies on the Internet has become essential. France alone had more than 36 million online buyers at the end of 2015. Email makes it possible to reach these millions of buyers at a low cost and helps to maximise the benefits of online presence for organisations.

One of the advantages of e-marketing is that it has no borders and that in a few clicks these few million prospective consumers can be engaged with. By creating a good visibility on the Internet via e-mail you can relay your digital communication campaigns at a lower cost while developing the growth of your company.

How can you maximise the benefits of an email campaign?

The first advice is to avoid purchasing of mailing lists. These lists are often poorly targeted in relation to your target audience. You risk spending money unnecessarily since the user will very quickly put your mail in the spam by not having even read it. Additionally, you can be blacklisted by organisations for spamming and this is never a good thing! You can also land a fine if you breach your local regulations such as GDPR in the EU:

So, build your own contact list: users of your site are potential customers… You can build this organic file, which will grow by itself in 3 simple ways:

  1.  Ask customers for their email address when you are in a direct sales context, commercial prospecting, sales, in-store, etc…
  2. In Business to Business (B2B) context: you can offer your customer to receive their invoice electronically.
  3. In Business to Customer (B2C) context: you can generate a points system associated with a loyalty card, for orders on the Internet.
  4. On social networks: inviting people to join your mailing lists to keep in touch
  5. And of course, on your website: positive opt-in email newsletter subscriptions, for example, offer proposals to send promotions by email.

Before you start, define which type of email to choose

  • Mass emailing, or bulk email marketing, is essentially about providing information. Examples include sale notifications, newsletters, promotional announcements.
  • Emailing notification, or Trigger Marketing. It serves as an alert email to the user for a particular event. Examples: birthday mail, Product back in stock, promotions on recently viewed products…
  • Transactional emailing. It is a service mail linked to the purchase or the finalise your order. This is an important step in your sales force! Examples of this include: tracking the sending of the order, payment confirmation, sending of the invoice…

Who can support you in your communications by Email?

Different email platforms and dedicated software tools are available to help you manage the sending and administering the subscriptions of your emails. Examples include:

  • Mailjet
  • Sarbacane
  • Send in blue
  • MailChimp

These tools will also help you to evaluate shipment rates and delivery rates of your shipments. They will identify problems that prevent the recipient from receiving your email such as soft bounce, hard bounce and navigate spam filters!

A communication agency can also help you give credibility to your emailing. By directing you towards mailing solutions that comply with local legislation and integrating different authentication standards. These standards include the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). These standards are ensuring the legitimacy of your emails by proving that you are neither a usurper nor a spammer. In addition, a communication agency can help you in the formatting your emails, writing, tagging and integrating relevant keywords. They can also design responsive emails for smartphones).

This article was written by Maxime DeCock Maylis Guerre Axel Benigni Aurélie Gimet Melody Hernandez Aaron Besnainou.