Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC – Advance to the next level


digital and social media marketing mooc

There is no doubt that the digital marketing is constantly growing, evolving and changing at a level beyond our control. Therefore we have to continuously stay up to date with the latest from the digital and technological world.

Today’s economies are progressively commanded by a quickening rate of innovative change. Organisations have digitized their operations, and more merchandise and services are offered digitally.

Life is the game and you are the player

We need to change the way we think, consider viewing life through the eyes of a gamer, life is the game and you are the player, the aim is not to beat life, it’s to gain experience and advance to the next level in your life and career.

One of the most effective strengths within professional success is gaining new skills, abilities and increasing your knowledge.  A good way to stay up to date, be ahead of the game and to develop your skills is to participate in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Stand out from the crowd and take the next step with a Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC.

What – MOOCs are online courses delivered completely free of charge. In the Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC, subjects will be covered are:

  1. Why is digital and social media marketing important today and in the future?
  2. Understanding different digital channels
  3. Buyer persona development
  4. How campaigns fit into a wider implementation of the overall organisation strategy
  5. Choosing the right digital profiles for the right audience
  6. The importance of on-going monitoring and learning from your engagement

Why – Gain more knowledge and develop your skills.

“This course is developed by leading universities that researched and forged partnerships with leading digital organisations to share with you the latest thinking and practices in digital marketing. Digital marketing is about understanding the new ways that customers engage with information when they are making their decision on the next product or service. This course will help you to understand the online consumer behaviour and methodically plan engagement with the relevant consumers using relevant tools and techniques.

Drawing on our international partnership of the #passion4digital community this MOOC will offer you an unparalleled access to digital thinking and decision making – helping you progress in your career and improve the organisation you might be working for.”

Who – Delivered by university lecturers, who are experts in the field.

Where – Online, from the comfort of your own home, wherever you want!  (You don’t even have to get dressed)

When – To advance to the next level sign up and enrol today!  The course will commence on 28th September 2015, lasting 6 weeks, for 4-6 hours a week.

Whether you want to update your knowledge or improve your businesses online marketing method, a professional, a student or curious, this free online course ensures to develop your understanding and skill set.

Level up with a MOOC in Digital and Social Media Marketing!

To find out more information and enrol today, visit the iversity website.