How to refine a digital marketing strategy?

Creating sharable content is one of the strengths of digital marketing communications. The success of a digital marketing strategy can be measured by the resonance that marketing communications content receives with its target audience. Organisations are looking for ways to develop digital content that is relevant to their target audience and then to measure how that audience engages with the content.

It is important, for the successful implementation of a digital marketing strategy, to target the right channels with the right messages. For example, social media is often used for awareness raising, so may be inappropriate for sales related content.

digital marketing management

Digital marketing channels – Customer journey to online purchase

However, the above data from Customer journey to online purchase suggests that for example the decision to buy a room night in a hotel in the UK will often be influenced by social media – hence it would be appropriate to have sales related communications here.

One of the techniques that works well in digital marketing is to try small scale projects to observe the impact and learn from that engagement. Based on the results an activity and or the message could be stopped, replicated or refined.

Digital marketing engagement activities

EA Games have a good example of engaging with their target audience using humour. In this example, a software glitch in the game allowed Tiger Woods to walk on water. Instead of apologising and releasing an update, EA Games created this reply:

Large budget brands such as Air New Zealand have also used humour and celebrity in their safety instruction videos, which are used as marketing material and encourage engagement with their target audiences as well as creating a hashtag #airnzhobbit for consumer engagement:

In this example the safety demo is set to the iconic “Men in Black” tune, includes aliens, a pug and renowned rugby stars just in time for the Rugby World Cup 2015 travel, again the video is supported by a hashtag to engage consumer #AirNZSafetyVideo

Some notable figures here are the numbers of viewers as well as the volume of shares and comments on this content.

Xpert-60 digital marketing strategy development case study

Does this mean that such engaging content requires multi million pound budgets? Not all organisations are able to afford such digital marketing content creation and amplification. In the example below there is no budget!

Xpert-60 is a brand developed by a Manchester (UK) based manufacturer of car care products – Concept Chemicals. Concept Chemicals have been in the business-to-business market for over 20 years and have been successful in trading directly with trade clients. Xpert-60 is a new product range of over 50 car care accessories from Car shampoo to Carnauba Wax.

The target audience of this brand are digitally savvy consumers who like looking after their pride and joy on four wheels. In the process of digital marketing strategy development, Xpert-60 asked Salford Business School Digital Marketing students for help in developing content that would resonate with their target audience.

This live project was integrated into an assignment – a perfect opportunity for postgraduate students on the Search and Social Media Marketing module, taken by MSc Marketing, MSc Digital Marketing, MSc Social Business and Sustainable Marketing and Salford MBA students.

Digital Marketing students Salford Business School

Students were offered a chance to practice their skills on a real live case study as well as generate data for Xpert-60 to advance their future digital marketing strategy activities.

Six teams were asked to create content for Xpert-60’s YouTube, blog, Facebook and Twitter digital profiles to see what would resonate best with the target audience. Here are the results of one week long activity:

social media strategy implementation

Social media engagement report using SocialOutcider

David Mapple, co-founder at SocialOutcider Ltd said:

“This project proves that good, creative content attracts valuable interest. With almost 1000 ‘click-throughs’ generated from just 45 tweets and 21 posts, every student should feel proud of such fabulous results.”

What have they actually created? Here are some examples of their content:

Team 1: Car Glass Cleaner

Team 2: Wash and Wax 2


Team 3: Universal Cleaner


Team 4 – Liquid Shield


Team 5 – Express detailer

Team 6 – Alloy cleaner:

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