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JEMSS – explaining who, what and WHERE…

international digital marketingWho does JEMSS apply to?

Are you passionate about anything and everything search and social media? Are you itching to further your career in the digital marketing industry? Would you relish the opportunity to travel to a new and exciting country? If you answered yes to everything just mentioned – then JEMSS, a Joint European Masters programme in Digital and Social Media Marketing, is the digital marketing course for you

What will JEMSS do for my digital marketing career?

During this Masters course, you not only have the amazing opportunity to further your knowledge of one of the latest digital marketing methods – search and social media, you also gain a prestigious Masters qualification at the end of your learning, which will help you to stand out from the crowd, take ownership of your future marketing career and improve your salary.

WHERE is JEMSS located?

One of the best things about this course is the amazing chance to study different modules within different educational establishments, in completely different countries! Building contacts around Europe throughout the digital marketing industry, learning about other nationalities and being in and amongst a new culture – living as a resident to the area – are just three reasons why the opportunity to travel will prepare you for a full and interesting career in digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a fast paced industry, there are always new things to learn about viral marketing, search engine optimisation, search and social media marketing and many more. By studying in a foreign country you can experience the perspective of others and learn about the digital marketing industry, for a whole semester, in a truly unique way!

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