Digital and Social Media Marketing conference 2016

Digital and Social Media Marketing conference 2016 is here!

Be a part of the digital revolution that is sweeping across the globe and Europe is caught up right in the centre of it! Digital Marketing budgets are increasing so there are higher demands on the teams to deliver the ever growing expectations of internal and external stakeholders. These stakeholders expect the new revenue streams to come from online digital channels.

Whether it is search engine optimisation, social media optimisation or mobile marketing, there are a number of developments to be taken into account when creating a digital marketing strategy for any organisation. Where do you start? At the inaugural digital and social media marketing conference 2016.


1. Digital and Social Media Marketing education


Digital and Social Media Marketing is traditionally taught either on the job – learning by doing and experimenting with practical digital marketing activities or through academic case studies which have little practical insights and a lot of theoretical concepts. The drawbacks of the practical approach are that it is not always clear why certain things work, whereas the theoretical approach does not make clear how these theories work in practice.

This is one of the reasons why you should join us at the Digital and Social Media Marketing conference in Sofia, Bulgaria! Here are the other four reasons for attending this conference:

2. Learn the latest thinking about development of a digital marketing strategy

buyer persona spring

Working with 20 authors including academics and practitioners in digital marketing, the team have co-created a European resource of knowledge including practical and theoretical advice on how to develop a digital marketing strategy. The Buyer Persona Spring concept allows organisations to focus their energy on the five key aspects of digital marketing strategy:

·      Strategic organisational objectives

·      Buyer persona for the organisation

·      The content that connects the organisation and the buyer persona

·      The channels that would be used to communicate the content

·      The data which will be used to measure progress of the digital marketing strategy implementation

3. Learn how strategic use of social media can help your organisation to achieve its business needs

Olga Andrienko

The keynote from Olga Andrienko – Director of Social Media at SEMRush will explore how social media helps organisation now and can help in the future to get a competitive advantage. Leading a social media team for one of the most advanced digital marketing competitor research tools no a challenging task and Olga will share her insights from her day-to-day activities.

4. Learn about the important role of video and mobile users and opportunities this presents for organisations

video marketing

There are a number of digital marketing trends that allow new channels to be exploited for those who dare to embrace them. Young entrepreneurs embrace ‘vlogging’ and make YouTube one of the most popular channels amongst the younger audiences. A panel discussion which picks up trends such as mobile marketing and video will explore if these trends are fads or strategic long-term investment.

5. Learn how you can benefit from the JEMMS project developed MOOC, book and the growing #passion4digital community


The conference is the final stage of the three-year long journey undertaken by five universities and one digital marketing recruitment agency the Candidate Ltd. During this time, a number of free learning and teaching resources have been created such as the Digital and Social Media Marketing Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

The team have also co-created a Digital and Social Media Marketing book which combines the best of academic theories as well as European Search Awards winning case studies. This theory and practical work will help you to get inspired and take your digital marketing skills to the next level and continue the digital marketing revolution.

Digital and Social Media Marketing conference 2016

Last but not least – the conference is free of change – the only thing you need to do is to get yourself to Bulgaria and enjoy the day of Digital marketing talks, networking and panel sessions. We would love to meet you there and help is to develop the #passion4digital community over the coming years and shaping the digital revolution!

Looking forward to meeting you in Sofia!