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Universities from across Europe have joined forces in JEMSS project to develop a MSc Digital Marketing programme that aims to plug the digital skills gap. And its name?

Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Now more than ever, digital marketing skills are essential to graduates entering the job market and extensive research conducted by the JEMSS project team shows that these skills are all too often in short supply. That’s why leading universities from the UK, Poland, Greece, Lithuania and Bulgaria have come together on this. MSc Digital Marketing graduates will walk away with the key skills that digital employers are looking for. And how? It’s all the result of good old-fashioned hard work and collaboration…

Working with industry leaders

In developing Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing, we haven’t just worked with universities; we’ve also worked closely with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and digital agencies across Europe. The close collaboration of digital marketing experts that underpins this new course means that it focusses on the skills that are most valued in the European job market. Students will be taught these skills in both practical and theoretical modules, gaining the chance to get hands-on experience in areas like campaign planning, digital marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Teaching skills that students want to learn

Working with industry leaders doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the students. In fact, we’ve surveyed students from across Europe to find out what they would be looking for in a masters course in this area. After collecting data from over 500 respondents, we found out that students want to get more job opportunities, a higher salary and the acquisition of digital skills and knowledge. We also discovered that students value face-to-face tuition and would expect to gain skills such as social media optimisation and creativity. This new course is being developed in accordance to these requirements to give students and employers what they need.

Working across Europe

JEMSS is a joint European project with partner universities currently in the UK, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece and Lithuania. The experts and academics from these countries have pooled their resources to offer students a comprehensive, pan-European training experience that can be done in one or more countries. Our students will be prepared to face digital marketing challenges that enable them to embark on international careers as well as jobs in their home countries. Despite the overall unification of the course, we recognise that five countries are not one. That’s why the MSc Digital Marketing model is adapted to each country, making sure that students have a learning experience that is relevant to them.

Moving with the MSc Digital Marketing

A pro and a con of digital and social media marketing is the speed at which this industry moves. With Google changing their algorithms every other month and new social media networks springing up all over the place, even the most seasoned of digital marketers needs to keep their eye on the ball. The JEMSS project is taking this challenge heads on. Thanks to our close industry links, the masters’ content will be constantly evolving, with the latest developments and programmes in search and social media forming a central part of the learning.

If you fancy yourself for a digital marketer of the future, you can sign up here, for further information about this exciting MSc Digital Marketing!

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