Research Stage

Search and social media marketing is exciting area for SMEs. However there is a clear lack of these area specialist around the Europe.  The JEMMS project compiled survey around 5 European countries interviewing SMEs and consulting SMEs in search and social media area aiming better understand needs of SMEs and design appropriate study programme.

The modern specialist of search and social media needs knowledge directly related to area such as internet marketing, web analytics, but also other competencies and skills such as team working, self-leaning, communication, presentation and creativity are important as well.  The conducted research identified these knowledge and competences and lead to the development of JEMMS program, identifying program’s structure, outcomes and key competencies.

The research also clearly indicates interest from SMEs in the program, in particular from consulting SMEs side. SMEs are willing to invest their time, to share their knowledge and provide internship possibilities for JEMMS program students as practical skills are important as much as theoretical knowledge.

Modern consumers and companies becomes more digital and JEMMS aims to support SMEs in this dynamic and specific knowledge requiring environment. For this reason JEMS program was designed using both bottom up and top down approaches and discussed with important social media industry players.

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