Social media marketing, take me to the top!

social media marketing

I am assuming that you, my reader have a curiosity, if not a good understanding of Digital and Social Media Marketing.  For those who are wondering, ‘is this really is a career or some new age fad that will fade away” let me ask you this, how many years have you been active on Facebook or Twitter? How many of you can really see your career progressing without the almighty LinkedIn? Let me give you some information on my competitive set.

Comparative analysis on the effect of Social Media Marketing

I assure you based on an analysis within my competitive set, it is evident that those with an excellent digital profile are doing considerably better than those who still believe that the internet is just a fad and social media is a myth.

Now, imagine this. If a digital profile can make significant changes in your career opportunities what effect it has on a large scale multimillion dollar company or a modest SME? 81% of SME’s today are using social media for their business (Mashable). Multimillion dollar companies are cutting print and media advertising budgets drastically and funding 49% of marketing budgets into social media marketing (Business insider).

Just think about it, when you watched TV the last time did you really pay attention to the adverts during the break or did you rush straight to your phone where you are more actively engaged? The simple reason behind the shift in allocation of marketing budgets is you, the consumer.  You are causing this great and wonderful change.

social media marketing take me to the top

The good, no great news!

Did I just say wonderful? Of course I did and I hope you are asking why. Well quite simply because if a company has a multimillion dollar digital media budget to handle, they need a skilled person to take the lead. With recent industry research showing that the social media marketing needs are expanding at a faster rate than social media marketing skills, we see our generation at an advantage. Equip yourself with the right tools and skills sets. You could then just be the youngest Vice President or Director in a company. You could also be the proud owner of a consulting firm in social media marketing! The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are increasing every day. The gap in industry expectations and current levels of skills is alarming. Some industry experts even say that social media is on a dangerous “self learning” mode.

To supply educated leaders of tomorrow in social media marketing to the work force, universities across Europe have partnered to form the Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing. This course is relevant for its content, the international exposure a student experiences and the industry partners it is actively engaged with. Have a look at the website here and form your own opinion. Remember, you could be a chef, you could be an engineer and this course will still appeal and apply to you.

Here is an eBook for JEMSS

I hope the emphasis on the importance of social media is established in my post above. However, don’t stop there. Stay clued on with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the exciting changes.

(P.S, if you don’t already have a digital profile I recommend, I beg you pardon HIGHLY recommend you to create one. If you need help don’t hesitate to contact me on @NamNamitha ). Do share your comments below!

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